Death has never really been the end of my life

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Several years ago an Israeli newspaper published an article in which my father was mentioned in connection to his wartime service in Israel decades ago. In the piece, one of the people interviewed specifically spoke about my dad by referencing his full name and a military operation he had been involved with.

When we brought this article to my father’s attention, his reaction was completely unexpected. He simply said, “That was someone else”.

Now, my dad’s name is not very common, and the year noted in the article matched the time frame in which he served in the Israeli Defense…

We are doing more work and getting paid less, both in and out of the office

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You get ready to settle down for a nice, early breakfast before leaving for the office. As you munch on cereal/eggs and toast/cold pizza/[fill in your choice], you realize you’ve already reached the limit of monthly articles your favorite online newspaper allows… and it’s only the first week of May. You finally decide to subscribe, and discover there is a lengthy process by which you first create an account, then choose your subscription terms, and finally input all the personal and credit card information requested. By the time you’re done, you realize you’ll be late for work if you don’t…

Hoarding can also occur in our heads

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More than a century ago — in 1905, to be precise — famed physicist and future Nobel Prize winner Albert Einstein published four papers in Annalen der Physik, the prestigious German scientific journal. One of the papers, “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies”, focused on special relatively and introduced the world to the concept of spacetime. (Before this word entered our zeitgeist, scientists used two separate theories to explain the motion of massive objects and the properties of light.)

Spacetime is also a philosophical concept. Four-dimensionalism (also known as the doctrine of temporal parts) states that an object’s existence throughout…

0 is a figure, after all…

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I joined Medium on January 19, 2021. I remember that day like it was six weeks ago. It was a chilly Tuesday afternoon in Madrid, Spain. Traces of snow from the biggest blizzard in five decades still covered the streets. And… well, I won’t go into further detail because you’re expecting humor, not a weather report.

I felt burned out at work as a translator and editor.

I was sick and tired of Covid — literally, since I had just been infected two weeks earlier.

When one is bored and frustrated, when life has lost all meaning… the obvious solution…

This lovely four-string instrument couldn’t charm the Spelling Bee

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Yesterday’s New York Times Spelling Bee letters:

We all need to catch our breath today!

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Yesterday’s New York Times Spelling Bee letters:

There’s more to this word than the expression “mano a mano”

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Yesterday’s New York Times Spelling Bee letters:

Historic proof vaccination works and saves lives

Photo credit: Cynthia S. Goldsmith / CDC

Yesterday’s New York Times Spelling Bee letters:

Be it in the lowlands or highlands, this antelope is always ignored by the Spelling Bee

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Yesterday’s New York Times Spelling Bee letters:

This long-tailed brood parasite is truly cuckoo!

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Yesterday’s New York Times Spelling Bee letters:

Avi Kotzer

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” ― Albert Einstein ▹ My logophile column:

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