Inspired by Salvatore Garau, I am selling my invisible story

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The latest creative mind to take the art world by storm is Salvatore Garau, former drummer of the progressive rock group Stormy Six and current visual artist… who just sold an invisible sculpture for 15,000 euros (about $18,000).

Let that sink in for a moment.

Most people are shocked by the price. I’m in awe that he was able to sell…

An. Invisible. Sculpture.

I mean, even if he had sold it for 18 bucks I would have been impressed.

Mr. Garau one-upped fellow Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, who in 2019 sold two editions of Comedian for $120,000. …

(Written by a Jew; you have my permission to laugh… or snicker)

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

[This transcription of the Woke Amusement Stand-up Performance challenge was prepared for the hearing-impaired. Visually-impaired audience members can request the audio recording. If you are both visually and hearing impaired, please contact our staff to obtain a sign-language interpreter.]

[White presenting, male presenting person walks on stage and grabs the microphone. This is not meant to offend differently-abled people who may not be able to walk or grab anything.]

Good evening, San Francisco!

[Crowd whooping.]

My name is Iva Reztok and I’m excited to be one of the finalists in the Woke Amusement Stand-up Performance competition, also known as WASP…

0 is a figure, after all…

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I joined Medium on January 19, 2021. I remember that day like it was six weeks ago. It was a chilly Tuesday afternoon in Madrid, Spain. Traces of snow from the biggest blizzard in five decades still covered the streets. And… well, I won’t go into further detail because you’re expecting humor, not a weather report.

I felt burned out at work as a translator and editor.

I was sick and tired of Covid — literally, since I had just been infected two weeks earlier.

When one is bored and frustrated, when life has lost all meaning… the obvious solution…

Let’s talk about this very prettypretty birdbird

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Today’s New York Times Spelling Bee letters:

It’s Friday! Let’s go out dancing!

Credit: wikicommons

Today’s New York Times Spelling Bee letters:

Not really a case of tomay-to, tomah-to

Screenshotted by Iva Reztok

Today’s New York Times Spelling Bee letters:

Don’t worry; you won’t age while reading today’s brief article

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Today’s New York Times Spelling Bee letters:

Ironically, the definition of this word is closer to Alfred

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Today’s New York Times Spelling Bee letters:

Avi Kotzer

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” ― Albert Einstein ▹ My logophile column:

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