Andy, first time I’m hearing about touchgram, and it seems like a very interesting and creative idea. I wish you much success with this endeavor.

I started searching online for information about the app and how to use it. Two comments, if I may.

1) Is there a possibility of making this a stand-alone app? Something that would let you design your greeting card or message and then choose how to deliver it? (iMessage, whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, twitter, email, etc.)

2) I’m not a luddite, nor am I a tech wiz. However, the how-to steps I saw on the Touchgram web site seem a bit complicated to me. Since you are thinking of this app in terms of grandparents and young children, is there a way to simplify the creation process of these touch messages?

Again, best of luck with Touchgram! It looks really cool!